The Paperless Project is a grassroots coalition of companies focused on transforming the way organizations use paper and electronic content. The Paperless Project’s GO GREEN initiative concentrates on reducing a company’s carbon footprint, specifically paper usage, through applying content management and imaging technologies.

Our mission is to create a paperless office campaign to produce efficient office workflow while saving the environment along the way.

Between 70-80% of an organization’s processes are still being managed on paper.

The Paperless Project coalition developed its GO GREEN initiative to identify common paper intensive processes and convert them into automated workflows. Reducing bulky paper is just the beginning of the payoff. Not only will the switch to a paperless office increase workplace productivity, but it will also:

• Reduce costs of paper related actions including copying, printing, and storing.
• Allow for less time spent searching for paper documentation.
• Increase response time to clients and customers.
• Refocus staff onto other critical administrative tasks.

Regardless of company size, adapting an electronic content management method will streamline procedures throughout all departments.

Simply locate a document, perform the appropriate action, and securely re-store it within seconds.

Don’t be afraid to join the paper-free coalition. Going paperless is a process, and with the proper preparation and management solutions, the ROI on creating a paperless office will outshine any standard paper-based system.

Take the profitable step towards a paperless office to better your company workflow and prevent future destruction on our environment. The Paperless Project’s GO GREEN initiative looks to create business efficiencies and reduce America’s reliance on paper based transaction processing.

Paper has always been the center of everything we do, but why keep it that way? Take action today.

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