• value_paperless

    Value in Going Paperless

    With all the talk about going paperless, a question was raised by one of our prospective customers recently; why go through the time and effort to go digital when the cost of paper is so cheap? It’s a fair question given that […]

  • Pezzo_Construction

    Spotlight on Success

    Affordable, user-friendly SmartSearch helps a prominent “brick and block” firm convert cumbersome project documentation into a competitive asset Construction companies rely on documents as much as they do on bricks, concrete and steel. To be competitive today, these firms must manage information […]

  • blueprint_success

    The Blue Print for Success

    We have invented the “blue print” to enable your enterprise to truly be PAPERLESS, which includes: Document Management provides the ability to secure, audit, track and retrieve documents • Automate capture of structured or unstructured documents – “with no data entry” • […]