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    Transitioning to a Paperless Planet

    Although the world may never be capable of going completely paperless, minimizing our paper usage levels and embracing technology can bring immense amounts of security towards the well-being of our environment. Consider your personal daily routine. Filing papers in the office, gathering […]

  • paperless_misconceptions

    Paperless Misconceptions

    The reasons why organizations adopt Paperless Office Software vary greatly. It might be the desire to improve process efficiency through workflow, service levels through better information access, compliance through increased document security or disaster recovery planning through the back up of their […]

  • value_paperless

    Value in Going Paperless

    With all the talk about going paperless, a question was raised by one of our prospective customers recently; why go through the time and effort to go digital when the cost of paper is so cheap? It’s a fair question given that […]

  • Pezzo_Construction

    Spotlight on Success

    Affordable, user-friendly SmartSearch helps a prominent “brick and block” firm convert cumbersome project documentation into a competitive asset Construction companies rely on documents as much as they do on bricks, concrete and steel. To be competitive today, these firms must manage information […]

  • blueprint_success

    The Blue Print for Success

    We have invented the “blue print” to enable your enterprise to truly be PAPERLESS, which includes: Document Management provides the ability to secure, audit, track and retrieve documents • Automate capture of structured or unstructured documents – “with no data entry” • […]