Affordable, user-friendly SmartSearch helps a prominent “brick and block” firm convert cumbersome project documentation into a competitive asset

Construction companies rely on documents as much as they do on bricks, concrete and steel. To be competitive today, these firms must manage information as efficiently as possible.

An electronic content management solution like SmartSearch can help. Pezzo Construction Inc. chose SmartSearch to help it organize and better manage its large volume of project documents, as well as its human resources and accounting records. “SmartSearch has been the perfect solution for our company,” said Tania Prestia, Pezzo’s treasurer.

“SmartSearch was surprisingly affordable and—unlike a previous computer-based solution we had tried—extremely easy to learn and use. Almost immediately, SmartSearch began helping us achieve our goal of being more organized and efficient and taking the office paperless. By slashing the time required to manage important documents, this user-friendly solution is saving Pezzo tens of thousands of dollars annually, while streamlining our operations and making us more competitive in the marketplace.”

Founded by Onofrio and Joanne Pezzo in 2001, Pezzo Construction is a family-owned and -operated company specializing in masonry — “brick and block” in industry parlance. The firm works on large commercial projects such as schools, hotels and medical office buildings; high profile projects include the John Gilbert Reese Center at Ohio State University in Columbus and Dublin Methodist Hospital.

Depending on the season and projects under construction, Pezzo may employ up to 100 or more people. “Our general contractor customers really appreciate the fact that we are a family-owned business and are very responsive to their individual needs,” said Prestia Onofrio. “Pezzo’s 40 years of experience in the construction field is evident in the quality of our work and in his customer relationships.”

Like most construction companies, every project undertaken by Pezzo generates a large volume of documents critical to managing the project successfully. These include contracts of various kinds, general correspondence, internal memos, pay applications and numerous other kinds of paper records. Prior to installing SmartSearch, Pezzo used “job books” — three-ring binders with five-inch spines — to mange the never-ending flood of paper. To keep hundreds of documents organized, each binder was subdivided into 15 sections by document category. All incoming paper documents had to be marked with both job and section numbers and then inserted into the binders by hand.

“Pezzo works on up to 20 projects each year, some of them so large that they require up to five job books,” Prestia explained. “That adds up to a tremendous amount of paper!”

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