We have invented the “blue print” to enable your enterprise to truly be PAPERLESS, which includes:

Document Management provides the ability to secure, audit, track and retrieve documents

• Automate capture of structured or unstructured documents – “with no data entry”
• Automate capture with electronic web forms (eForm)
• Automate Notifications
• Automate Routing of documents based on retention or process
• Automate Output of documents from the repository
• Automate approvals, reviews and changes
• Provide image enablement and bi-directional data integration with your core business systems
• Provide digital signatures to eliminate the need for paper
• Provide eDiscovery capabilities to track corporate communications

Products and Services Offered by The Paperless Project

• Document Management and Imaging
• Web Content Management
• Enterprise Search Portal
• Structured Capture
• Unstructured Capture
• Capture Automation
• Email Management
• Records Management
• Contract Management

• Electronic Forms
• Check 21
• Enterprise Fax Systems
• Image Enabling Technologies
• Transactional Print Management
• Bar Code, OMR & OCR
• Disaster Recovery
• Storage Hardware
• Scanner Hardware

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